Fashionable Tips for Women to Wear Leather Jackets


Appropriate Ways to Flaunt a Leather Jacket

Leather jackets for women are turning out to be more and more versatile. Needless to mention, they have gotten fashionable and sexier also. Gone are the days when leather jackets were exclusively meant for men. There are innumerable high quality jackets available in the market such as the CP Company jacket.  Women’s leather jackets have to be worn the right way to avoid committing a fashion blunder. Here are few tips that can help you in flaunting leather jackets flawlessly.

Biker Jacket

Biker jackets in leather are very famous. They normally come with metal hardware, an asymmetric front and zipper detailing. Many women pair such jackets with a t-shirt and jeans. This may look good, but try a different but trendy approach by teaming it up with a silky shift outfit and flat ankle boots for a modern and cool look.

Black Accessories

The standard rule for matching black with black is true for leather jackets. If you are going to wear a black jacket, pick accessories in black right from your shoes to handbags. They are perfect for a late night party or formal evening event. During summer, you can also combine them with finger-less gloves. A lady can get the perfect look with gloves, shoes, handbags and jackets- all in black.

All-Leather Accessories

Here again, like all-black all-leather accessories can present an excellent appearance. If you boots, gloves, jacket, and purse are all of leather that would be the winning combination. A complete leather look, particularly with fur, is perfect for winter. Winter boots and gloves are normally made of fur and leather and go great with leather jackets and handbags.

Layered Look

When you decide to wear a leather jacket, opt for a layered look. During extremely cold winters, team up your jacket over cardigans and knits. On top of it, tie around a cosy scarf. Also, consider layering it over a hoodie. The whole look will appear cool and casual.

Contrasting Textures

Come up with an exciting outfit by pairing your jacket with contrasting textures. Use a stiff leather jacket with flowing chiffon. On the other hand, worn in jacket might be the perfect combination for chunky woolen knits. If you are not sure how to wear leather jackets the right way, opt to spend on shearling trims.

Take Leather Formal

Wear a long skirt and present a formal look. Add a leather jacket to a long skirt and white shirt. Keep it funky with a black, choker leather ankle boots. The overall effect would appear dressed up and youthful, while also being sophisticated and updated.

Wear It with Printed Pants

A pair of jeans or pants in solid color can give a more conventional look, but printed pants will spice up your look even quicker. Choose a contrast jacket with a graphic print. Alternatively, select a dominant color from your printed pants and make use of it in your jacket color.

There are several ways in which you can match your leather jacket with different accessories. The key is to be creative, while staying updated with the trends.


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