Richard Branson Talks About Struggle


“Struggle for existence and survival of the fittest” is what makes the difference when it comes to having a quality life. The answer for money disparity is giving out free money, as per the British entrepreneur and visionary Richard Branson. He believes that an essential salary ought to be presented in countries like Europe and America.

The income inequality is a global issue which needs to be addressed with our undivided attention; homeless people are finding ways to make streets as their home and sleeping on the roadside. Ironically wealth is around them but no in their fortune. However, both Richard Branson and Bill Gates think that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning would help the entire human chain to have ample leisure time and less working hours irrespective of their pay grade, as people would get their fair pay and increase their wealth in this emerging era. Money is not everything, yet something.

An individual can have a quality life if he possesses an immeasurable amount of income. Albeit, the machines are helping and allowing us to make things easy and robust; on the contrary, there is a risk of losing the job if automata are capable of doing everything. It’s speculated that by 2030, 75 Million global workers would be forced to switch their occupations due to lack of work.

A global disruption would take place all across the globe. It’s the human mind which is capable of innovating things that we imagine and can destroy the entire world alike.


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